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A coupon code can be applied when registering a student for a program within the ProClass application or by the customer through an online registration. On the administration menu, select Lookups , select Discounts , and then click Coupon Codes.

The Coupon Codes page displays. Click Add new coupon code The Add Coupon Code page displays. Click the Edit button next to the coupon code you want to edit. Select the Single Use check-box to prevent a customer from using the coupon code more than once.

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In the Level box, select the appropriate discount level for the coupon. In the Code box, type a code for the coupon. When a customer types the coupon code during an online registration, he or she must type it exactly as you have typed it in the Code box. Uploaded all the coupons into the group try to upload 1, coupons at a time, for best results. Max limit is coupons per time.

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Updated the new coupon merge tag on to the Thank You pages of the Lightbox. This will make sure the coupon code is displayed in the Thank You Page. If your coupons are formatted as a column in excel, follow these steps to get them in the correct comma delimited format:. Knowledge Base.

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Here is how you set it up: 1. Copy and paste all the coupon codes in a comma-separated format: That means like this: Coupon1,Coupon2,Coupon3, It does not mean: Coupon1 Coupon2 Coupon3 4.

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In this screenshot you will notice it is Group ID 5 6. You can remove a Coupon group, but that will remove all coupons in that group This prevents abuse and fraud of coupons Max limit is coupons per time 3.

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This will make sure the coupon code is displayed in the Thank You Page 4. This allows you to track how many sales each of your coupon code generates, so you know what works for next time! You can also limit the number of coupon codes available, and set an expiration date after which the code will no longer be usable.

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A fixed amount coupon means that the value of the coupon never changes. Note: Once you save this coupon, it is not possible to change the amount of the discount, or to switch the type of coupon code from percentage off to fixed amount or vice versa. The notes section is a place for you to keep track of details specific to this coupon code. This is an excellent place to write a short description of why you created this coupon code, and any other details you or your administrative team might want to know about the code in the future.

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Common uses of coupon codes include: Offer early bird pricing for students who sign up right away. Offer returning student discounts to your current students. Go the the "My Courses" page. Click on the name of the course you would like to create a coupon for.